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  • about 4 hours ago
    Any foreign films that I should watch? I don't understand why so many ppl avoid movies w/ subtitles, maybe it has something to do with cultural disconnect...but honestly many of my favorite films are from other countries. I recently saw The Wailing & it was...👁👀well I won't spoil it for u. 😜🙊🎬🎞🌎🌍🌏 _ 📸camera used: #canont4i
  • 1 day ago
    Do u guys keep a journal or a planner? One of my best tips for turning your dreams into reality: write it down.📝 I'm literally so hyped to be teaming up with @Poketo to share this life changing tool with u guys. I use it every single day- morning, noon & night; it's called 'The Project Planner' by @Poketo 📓💡🛠 #Poketo _ @Poketo planners will not only help you get in the habit of writing your ideas down, but most importantly these planners will help you organize all your big dreams & goals into achievable long term & short term project based checkpoints✔️ @Poketo also offers a variety of cool stationary for your everyday life; #artforyoureveryday 👌📚🎨 _ 📸camera used: #iphone7plus
  • 2 days ago
    Got the opportunity w/ @Vans to do a street style look! I'm all about juxtaposition; decided to mix up these Sk8-Hi @Vans w/ some unexpected pastels😛🍦🍭#Vans #Sk8Hi _ Btw I took this pic myself with my Dslr & a tripod 😅📸 as always if u want photo tips, check the link in my bio for some cool tutorials👌 _ 📸camera used: #canont4i
  • 4 days ago
    It's been 97 days since our heavenly fathers assaulted us w/ the Blood, Sweat & Tears MV...tbh I still feel just as violated as ever😩😈🥀🔮🌙✨💉💧
  • 6 days ago
    1000th post! 🎉 (want more videos like this? Tap link in my bio & subscribe to my YouTube channel) To celebrate, I'm doing a @MoonFiber hair product giveaway (Up to $180 usd value) these products are supreme for all hair types & textures both guys & girls. Giveaway rules:👇 _ 1. Must be following @EdwardZo & @MoonFiber 2. Like this post 3. Tag a friend in the comments below. One comment = one entry. You can comment & enter as many times as you want. _ ✔️Entries will be checked & verified (so don't skip any steps) _ 🏆Winner will be selected from the comments & announced one week from today on my Snapchat Friday 1/27 Good luck!#MoonFiber _ 📚 Tutorial: How to get MEGA volume hair & texture w/ @MoonFiber hair. First you must reset hair w/ water, then blow dry in direction of choice. The next steps are the most important: _ 🚀1. Sprinkle @MoonFiber : LunarDust™ (for volume & texture) 💧2. Next, apply @MoonFiber : IceBalm™ (for a clean polished magazine quality look) 💥3. Finally, twist @MoonFiber : TektiteWax™ (for extra separation & definition) _ 👍Can't wait & want it now? All products mentioned above are available in the @MoonFiber Complete Lunar Eclipse Kit on http://www.MoonFiber.co . _ ⏱Limited time: Use code "20off" to get $20 off + free shipping* on all Complete Lunar Eclipse Kit orders at http://MoonFiber.co _ 🔮What's in the kit? The kit has 6 full sized @MoonFiber products: in addition to the above products in the video, it also comes with a flexible styling milk, an anti frizz serum & a hair spray. The kit will allow for the most versatile & widest range of styles no matter what your hair type or hair texture is. It's the best line of hair products I've ever used & the ONLY hair products I use. _ 📭*Free shipping is only available within the United States, if purchasing internationally, you will receive $20off + reduced international shipping w/ code "20off" _ ❤ @MoonFiber model search. If you want to be one of my @MoonFiber models, upload a photo of yourself & tag me as well as @MoonFiber with the hashtag #MoonFiber to be seen. _ 🎬Filmed & edited by me. Visit YouTube.com/EdwardZo for the full tutorial along with many others or tap the link in my bio!👆
  • 7 days ago
    Yes. What #SteveHarvey said on his TV show about Asians is horrible, antiquated & untrue (for myself and maaaaany other ppl I know🙊) It's always that much more disappointing when regressive rhetoric comes from an otherwise very talented & charismatic individual. _ Am I surprised? No. People do & say what they think they know. Jokes are jokes, but when these false ideas are reinforced at the expense of a group that lacks a mainstream voice? Its overall impact is much more insidious. The reality is this: Asians (especially Asian males) are invisible in mainstream American culture. Of course people are going to have an extremely distorted view about us. Thankfully trends are shifting- hello new media globalization.🌏😌 _ This post may or may not be immediately relatable to you, but for perspective: everyone wants to be acknowledged, respected, heard & understood. That we can all understand. It doesn't matter what group you identify with, being understood is an innate human desire. This is why representation is important, to be represented is to be understood as a human being- maybe not completely - but at least that much more. _ In the end, the negative things people choose to do or say with their time is really just a grain of sand in the bigger scheme of things. The beauty of the digital age & new media is that we can manifest our own platform to create a positive voice, one that challenge old ideas. This is why I did the viral social experiment "Asian Guys VS White Girls" video on YouTube & why I continue to find innovative ways to break stereotypes & encourage progressive change. In the future I hope to continue to evolve my platform, but the overall message will still be the advancement of deeper human connections, positivity & understanding. _ If you've taken the time to read this far I just want to leave you with this gem: be proactive in your passions instead of wasting time sending hate to people who are willfully ignorant & who quite frankly don't know any better. There is more to be gained by being compassionate & empathetic than returning hate w/ hate- and that goes for life in general🙏❤ _ And yes I'm working on something really special for u guys🎬📚☺️🙊
  • 8 days ago
    Getting fit w/ @FitTea 💪🍵 Super excited to be partnering up with @FitTea to help achieve my fitness goals in 2017✨#FitTea sp
  • 9 days ago
    Check my InstaStory & Snapchat😈🔥🌙✨The vibe of this place is sexy af! I wanna get nekkid & film my own version of BTS' Blood, Sweat & Tears MV here😂 _ Speaking of filming....I just finished filming 5 new tutorial videos for u guys.🙊New video will be up this week! Link in bio
  • 12 days ago
    Moments @GrandHyattTokyo #LivingGrand sp 1 of my fave things about @GrandHyattTokyo is that it's attached directly to a massive multi-mall in Roppongi Hills Tokyo. I've never seen anything like it; a huge maze of an indoor/outdoor mall (literally got lost at every turn😹) + a separate food mall. Yes I said food mall. In the U.S. we have food courts, in Japan they have food malls; floors and floors of culinary glory😛😍👅 _ Some of the many highlights of this hotel: lifestyle destination in heart of Roppongi, 200 pieces of art spread out through the hotel with a mix of Japanese & foreign artists, a total of 10 restaurants & bars! + a key feature: @GrandHyattTokyo has redefined the bathing experience in hotels, introducing the philosophy of Japanese bathing by having the bathroom occupying more than 1/4 of the standard room space🚿🛁
  • 13 days ago
    Some real talk about who I am & why I do what I do: In the past year I've been fortunate enough to make several trips to Asia for work & collabs... as I'm sitting here in Beijing, I took a moment to reflect (albeit superficial) that...DAMN there are so many interesting good looking people here; I feel like I'm in a K-pop mv tbh (cue someone in the comments missing the point entirely & saying Beijing =\= kpop 😹) the point is...it's surreal for me in a way because growing up in the United States, there's always been a lack of visibility & representation in our media. If you are reading this & nodding your head - I am speaking to you. Take a discerning look; mediocrity is rewarded for those that are part of the status quo & for the rest of us we have to kick a55 20x harder to even be on a close playing field. Im sure many of you can relate. I never truly felt like part of the culture because I never saw myself in the people being promoted in mainstream media. It's this undercurrent of invisibility which drives me to create my own platform here on social media & beyond. I want to be a catalyst, break stereotypes, introduce new ideas, create dialogue & set forth change. Not just for myself, but for the big picture. People sometimes ask me: "why do you do what you do?" This is why. I am ever evolving, but as I am doing so I am building a family of people who share the same passions & life ideologies. People who are tired of the status quo. People like yourself. I thank u & love u for being an active part of OUR journey.❤
  • 14 days ago
    ✌️Rooftop pool @ShangriLaTaipei with a perfect view of "Taipei 101" - one of the tallest buildings in the world. #ShangriLa lifestyle sp
  • 16 days ago
    This could be us but u playin😌🌊