• 4 days ago
    Blur lah kaya masa depan kita🙇 *ketawa bebek*
  • 6 days ago
    I think Niqab is cool 💞💞 #muslimfeminists
  • 19 days ago
    PECAAAAAHHH BROOOHHH😭😭 LEGEND☝ #PurposeTourAustralia #purposetour
  • 23 days ago
    Allah knows.
  • 26 days ago
    @justinbieber happy birthday sweetpie😚 i love you to the Trump Tower and back💚💚
  • 27 days ago
    No filter👌
  • 2 months ago
    Orang2 disekitarmu menentukan orang yang seperti apa kamu.
  • 4 months ago
    SELAMAT TAMBAH UMUR ASMI 'NENENG' HARIATI. My best friend for life💞 karena ada masanya kita sama sama terus, dan ada masanya juga kita terpisah. Wkwk. Momen yang paling gue inget : dulu kita nyanyi nyanyi lagu2 di album Midnight Memories nya One Direction. Ya nggak? Waktu suka2nya sama 1D. Midnight memories, little white lies, apa lagi yak lupa wkwk. huuaaaahahaha kangen kan😭 Doanya : semogaaaa menjadi muslimah yang istiqamah dan diberkahi Allah.😇😇 P.S : sengaja pura pura lupa biar surprise💞💞
  • 6 months ago
    Langgeng dan terus dampingi lika liku perjalanan hidup aa yaa mama abah💘💘😚😚 Ps : smile overload😂💛
  • 6 months ago
    Soooo yeahhh. Been a long speech i guess. Now i dont know what to write. Speechless much? Ha! Nope. You know me lah. Always tired. Lol that is fangirl suppposed to be. Always tired when there's nothings i did. But whatever. And yeah. Im a music person. I listen to whoever singer i find adorable and has a good taste in music. And im not an easy-hating person. Wait, am i checking my self out? This is not this caption supposed to be but im too lazy to think so yeah, Thats me, (im checking my self again) always lazy and tired. So i guess that's it. Aight bye.
  • 6 months ago
    Im not like you guys who are freely buy all those merchandises. At first i thought that feeling is just enough, now i realize it all about money. Ahh so just let it be. I cant go back, right? No matter what you say, im here to stay wkwk. I dont care whether you say "you dont buy the merchandises so you're clearly not a fan." Hahah it'll never causes any affection. But wait, who is this 'you' that im talking about? Lol im imaginating again thinking that anyone hates me when there's none of them even think of me. Funny.
  • 6 months ago
    Words could never describe how my feeling towards that guy named Justin. Been with him since a very long time, jeez 2009 to 2016 wasnt a short journey, it was a long long journey. And im not leaving. Since One Time to Let Me Love You era, im there fighting with all those people who got the same syndrome as mine. Crazy. I know. It was 7 years i spent with them and i guarantee that i'll never leave this freaking amazing fandom. Im a belieber til my last breath. Maybe i dont show em much, maybe i dont cry like those old times, maybe i dont fangirling hard like old times, but i swear i never leave. I swear those heartbeats, those tears, those craziness, all those 'unspeakable' things i've been thru is still there but i just dont use it as much as i do in the old times. There you go again me with the 'old times' wkwk. Im growing up. And so does you guys. We've been growing up together. Too much memories but we aint afraid of making more. @justinbieber #beliebers #believe #purpose #justin #justinbieber