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    Part 6 {Recap} Justin told Ryan about Angelica and saw his reaction Justin's POV Justin: So what do u think of her she is fucking beautiful right? Ryan: Damn Mami fuck me up I started laughing at what Ryan said Justin: For real she can fuck me anytime I'm right here Ryan laughed that he almost chocked Ryan: Dude your lucky to even be able to talk to her Justin: I know I think I have feelings for her Ryan: calm your ass down you just met her Justin: I know but damn she is attractive Ryan: ok let me tell u, you are thinking that having feelings for someone is because the way they look, no bro your wrong u need to take the time to get to know her personally and see if u like her personality,not just look at her then instantly fall in love I let Ryan's words hit me those were some wise words of him and he was right how can I be so stupid Justin : you know what your right I'll get to know her more then we'll see what happens from there Ryan: good I check the time its 5:30 I need to get going Justin: hey bro I have to go already but thanks for the hangout Ryan: oh OK cool and no problem man anytime Justin :alright bye Ryan:bye I leave his house and get home when I get home I smell the delicious food my mom was making I look towards the stove and see what she was making for dinner She was making chicken Alfredo, and I saw Garlic bread in the oven,and I see the cups with ice already on the table I hear my mom coming in "Hey your back how was your day" my mom asked very interested "It was fun" I said "That's good" "are u hungry or did u eat already" " I ate pizza earlier but that chicken Alfredo made me hungry " My mom laughed "OK honey get ready for dinner go call your brother and sister "Alright" So this is part 6 I hope u guys liked it or got a little laugh to it and I am truly sorry I have been really sick I still don't feel too good but I decided to post this out there because y'all waited too long already but yea comment if u want part 7
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    Get well baby 💓
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    PART 5: {Justin's POV} I wake up with the sun shining at me and I grab my phone while I'm laying there on my bed, i see that I had a Snapchat from Angelica man this girl I swear I go on snapchat and check her message Angelica: Hey good morning Me: Hey gm So while I wait for her reply I go on Instagram and Twitter and all that crap So I see "Angelica is typing" I get happy and there is butterflies in my stomach Angelica: wyd Me: Just woke up Angelica: Lol I woke up like an hour ago Me: lol that's nice Angelica: I guess I didn't reply like all she said was "I guess" what else am I supposed to say so I left her on "opened" I get up and go get ready for the day I go brush my teeth,shower, eat breakfast I'm sitting at the table when my mom asked me "so I saw u on your phone late who were u talking to?" "How would u know if I was talking to someone?" I told her "Oh c'mon you teenagers now a days who is she" "Mom I don't have a girl she was just a friend" "Mmmhhhmm i can't wait to meet her" (Says on mind) "yea me too" "Well I'm going to go hang out with my friends I'll be back later" "Ok honey be back before 7" " Ok" I go to my friend Ryan's house and hang out we played basketball and hockey and ordered pizza and omg it was a blast part of me wanted me to tell him about Angelica but part of me didn't so I told him because I tell him everything and trusted him His reaction was ..... Part 5 is up I'm sorry I took long I was really busy with mother's day and I was getting everything ready so here's part one double tap if u liked it .. Thanks👑💓
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    Part 5??
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    Just to let you know I came up with a name for the girl ! PART 4 {Angelica's POV} When I texted Justin "good bye" he never replied back, I felt worried Did I hurt him? Did he get jealous? What did I do wrong? All these questions were coming up in my head while I was laying on my bed he told me I should go to bed but I can't all I am thinking about is our conversation I am so stupid well I just met him so everything good.... Right?? *Phone notification* When I heard my phone I got scared I grabbed it from beside me and hoped it was Justin .. but it wasn't it was just that my crush Cody had posted a photo on Instagram but I didn't even bother to check it I had forgotten I had his post notifications on I put my phone down and just think All I want is get to know Justin but if he tells me I'm cute and beautiful that doesn't mean he likes me ... Right? Ugh omg he can't he just met me I'll text him tomorrow whatever I turn and turn around God its one of those days Why am I like this ? OK guys here is part 4 as u can see yes I did make a name for the girl instead of using y/n because I thought with a name it would be easier ! Give this photo a double tap if u liked it again comment if u want to be tagged thanks babes 💓🔥
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    Part 4 coming up
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    PART 3 {RECAP} Justin: So what do you think of me? You: What do you mean? Justin: Like do u think I'm cute or nah? . ~Justin's POV Me: like do you think I'm cute or nah? I can't believe I just asked that omg this girl is so gorgeous her eyes are brown,her smile is beautiful like I have never seen a girl like this before she seems so chill I wait for her to reply it took her 3 minutes that was a long wait for me Y/n: Yea u are 🔥 Me: haha I'm glad to hear because damn girl u fine Y/n : Thank u but weren't u telling me how to get with my crush? Damn she killed me I totally forgot I helped her HE CANT HAVE HER I WILL HAVE HER FOR MY OWN ONE DAY Me: Yea I know but I can't say your beautiful or what? Y/n: hahaha yea u can just reminding u that I have a crush Me: Oh no need to remind me I know 😒 Y/n: ok but can we get to know each other still Me: It's ok u can go to bed it's been 10 minutes already good night Y/n: yea your right I'm sorry Justin She replied but I didn't even respond I don't know why I just got jealous there, WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with ME? Justin she is just a girl who you JUST MET CALM DOWN I was just laying down in bed thinking and thinking about her I grabbed my phone and replayed her story that beauty damn I put my phone down and close my eyes trying to fall asleep *Phone notification* I hear my phone make a noise,I check what it was Me thinking it was y/n but it wasn't it was just a text from my manager Manager: u don't need to come in tomorrow u have a day off tomorrow Me: thank you, needed it Manager: No problem I put my phone down after I read the text I close my eyes and fall fast asleep Hey guys here is part 3 I know it's not that good I'm sorry but hey I was thinking about putting a name for a girl comment your name or a girl name that will be the girls name that Justin is crazy for ! Comment to be tagged! If u haven't checked part 1&2 make sure u do Thank you !
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    Good night babes The first thing I will post tomorrow is my next part of the imagine {part 3} Who is enjoying it ? Please leave me something to wake up to I would appreciate it love you all 💓😪
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    Who is ready my imagine? I really want to know !