The life and times of Suzie the Dog and Kushi the Cat (formerly Mochi Ball Stern)

  • about 22 hours ago
    Kushi has one eye. And he can kind of see out of that one eye. But he seems hellbent on ruining that bit of eyesight by staring into at the sun every chance he gets. #dontstareatthesun #oneblindcatisenough
  • 3 days ago
    Fun fact, Suzie and I became cat people 4 years ago to the day (thanks, facebook!). Before then, I was strictly a dog person and never thought I'd ever own a cat. Those first fosters were awfully good. #lookatmenow #peoplechange #catlady
  • 4 days ago
    You guys are cool and awesome and so generous I can't believe it. Because of you, we raised enough money to send Fluffy to Germany and more! I am so incredibly lucky to have found a supportive community of animal lovers who care enough to help me save kittens no matter where in the world. None of this would be possible without you so really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are working on booking Fluffy's flight, she will be traveling to Hamburg in the next couple of weeks. And now I am even more excited to find my next foster! #catpeoplearethebestpeople #fluffygoestogermany
  • 5 days ago
    You guys had an overwhelmingly supportive response to my last post so I've started a gofundme. If you are interested in contributing to her journey, the link is in my profile. Fluffy needs to get to Germany! It is amazing to think how lucky this little girl is to be run over and left for dead but saved in the nick of time in a part of the world overflowing with strays. #operationgetfluffytogermany
  • 6 days ago
    Little Fluffy went to the vet today to finish all her preparations for travel. After being hit by a car and severely injured, she is almost ready to start her new life in Germany! It's looking more and more likely that flying her from Macedonia is the only option but that's fine, we are going to make it happen no matter what it takes. It won't be cheap though and I'd like to help the person who has been caring for her and her new mom with that expense. If I were to raise money for the cost of the flight is there anyone that would be interested in donating? It will probably be $500+ (and I blew a good chunk of my kitten rescue budget on @tito_in_paris 😹 #worthit)
  • 9 days ago
    Sunny has way more chill than I do. #chillcat
  • 12 days ago
    Don't let them fool you, they're up to no good. My friend (their summer sitter) sent me this picture and my first thought was "they've been fighting." Sure enough, her next message was "they are taking a break from fighting." Sunny's safe spot is under end tables. #blindcat #kushihasanunfairadvantage
  • 13 days ago
    Is she cute or what? We need to get her to Germany! πŸ‡²πŸ‡°->πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ #hamburgorbust
  • 14 days ago
    My new friend. Her name is Bonita and she lives on the beach in Croatia. #orebic
  • 15 days ago
    That was a quick foster! Suzie doesn't get to keep him but 2 very good things came from this... Stormy is back with his family and the little girls who love him very much AND my parents are now certain that they are ready for another dog. If you know of any boxers in need... (we can't help it, we just really REALLY like boxers)
  • 18 days ago
    Guys, Suzie is back to fostering! My parents are helping out a friend and there's a chance he's here to stay #suziegetsabrother? #mustlovecats
  • 19 days ago
    Little Fluff is sleeping soundly knowing that her ordeal is almost over. She will be moving to Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ! I know this is a long shot but is there anyone traveling between Macedonia (Skopje or Ohrid) and Hamburg at the end of this month or beginning of August? Anyone who would be willing to act as kitten courier? The wonderful woman who saved him is willing to make the trip but we are trying to keep costs down. #kittencourierwanted