The life and times of Suzie the Dog and Kushi the Cat (formerly Mochi Ball Stern)

  • about 11 hours ago
    Suzie's coming home tomorrow! Now we just need to find some foster kittens... #backtonormal
  • 2 days ago
    Ugh. After being away for 3 weeks I had to make another (much shorter) last minute work trip. I can't wait to get home and not travel again for a long long time. So here's a throwback to the Christmas kittens. This is Sister B, now Sookie. She was the only girl with 4 rambunctious brothers. Whenever she needed a break she'd take shelter under Suzie. They spent a lot of time together. Now she's a super spoiled and super loved cat living it up in New York City. Her mom, Christmas, was the first mama cat I ever took in. #theresnoplacelikehome #worldsbestcatsitters
  • 5 days ago
    My sister took Suzie for a walk today and someone called Suz a grumpy old man 😑
  • 6 days ago
    It's a gorgeous day and Suzie is still in Ohio with my parents so Sunny is filling in for her. #beachbum #blindcat #nofear
  • 8 days ago
    After 3 weeks away, I'm finally home. Preparing the house for Sunny and Kushi's return and it's the strangest thing - I can only find the top of the litter box. The only logical explanation I have is that somebody broke in and stole the bottom while I was away. #seriouslywhereisthelitterbox #dumbestthingiveeverlost
  • 8 days ago
    Good thing I'm on my way home (#finally). Kushi just learned how to get around the barrier to the open steps. Nearly gave the cat sitter a heart attack! #hewassoproud
  • 10 days ago
    From my friend: Sunny is trying to help Kushi find a sunbeam to bask in. I love that my totally blind cat gets into the most trouble. Can't even imagine what she's doing here but I like it! See you soon guys!
  • 14 days ago
    My friends assure me that this is just an unflattering picture and that my cats have not actually gained 8lbs each in my absence. #imskeptical . Has anyone moved overseas with cats? How'd it go? There is a good chance I will be moving overseas for 5 months this summer (to a destination that does not require quarantine). I have no doubt they would adjust in no time but I do worry about the stress of the trip itself (they'd fly with me, never in cargo). Any advice?
  • 17 days ago
    I am still out of town and kittenless so here's another throwback. Kushi loved these orange girls so much, when they left I knew he needed a kitten of his very own. Hence, Sunny. #tbt
  • 18 days ago
    Exercise balls are Suzie's favorite toy. We go through a lot of them.
  • 21 days ago
    Pretty typical Sunday with Sunny. #chillcat
  • 22 days ago
    Kushi and Sunny don't even miss me when I am away but I'm glad I raised two cats that are confident and happy no matter where they are or who they are with.