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    IT'S TIME TO GRIND💪🏽 Only a few hours left of @1upnutrition huge 💥SALE💥! Build your own supplement stack and get 35-55% off +free shipping with code➡️TEAGANFIT. . Supplements I currently take to help maintain muscle& lose fat : ♦️bcaas to help enhance protein synthesis and reduce muscle catabolism ♦️CLA & L-Carnitine to help use stored fat for energy ♦️Pre-workout, "make her lean"You , & Hiit Aminos for a boost of energy when I need it ♦️Daily cleanse to detox& support digestive system ♦️Beauty Dream to help me fall asleep &stay asleep& burn more fat while sleeping #1upnutrition
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    Want a smaller looking waist❓Tag a friend ➡️& try these back exercises💥! Training your back& shoulders will help develop a more hourglass/curvy⏳figure and create an illusion of a smaller waist! ♦️Single arm cable back row ♦️Bent over cable rear delt raise ♦️Pull-ups (or assisted as an alternative!) ♦️side-to-side pull ups . . Check out➡️my 8-week Hourglass ⏳Guide & Training Program ~includes diet&training to sculpt curves, get lean and includes a training plan that focuses on building an hourglass figure👌🏽(Link in my bio) . Powered by: @1upnutrition @body_fuel @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️TEAGANFIT #1upnutrition #ieatprotein . Filmed by 🎥@jacksiperly
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    It's time for leg day💪🏽 Tag a friend ➡️who wants to build a booty🍑 and try these on your next leg day for the glutes, hamstrings& calves 🔥! . ♦️Reverse abductor presses (aka don't make eye contact 🙈) ♦️hyperextensions (don't go above parallel) ♦️Donkey Calf Raises . Wanna build a booty and lean curves❓ Hourglass⌛️ Guide/8-week Training program and also Glute🍑Guide/ 6-week Training Program ➡️ available on my website for only $25 and $15!(both include my top diet& training techniques with full workouts) . Powered by:@1upnutrition @body_fuel and @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️TEAGANFIT . . Filmed🎥by the beautiful 🔥@carolinefederman🔥 . #1upnutrition #ieatprotien #bodyfuel
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    Loving my @brighterwhite teeth whitening kit! 💗🌟 #brighterwhite
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    TAG A FRIEND TO MOTIVATE ➡️What keeps me motivated❓The feeling of self pride when I push myself to my limits. Everyday is a competition against the person I was yesterday which turns me into a stronger, smarter, and better person tomorrow. Always strive to be a better you✨ . . Thanks to the talented @jacksiperly for the video🎥! . POWERED BY: @body_fuel @1upnutrition @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️teaganfit
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    Hate cardio❓Tag a friend ➡️who wants to be leaner and build a booty! Try this plyos workout you can do anywhere to burn fat while working your 🍑 ❗️Love doing moves like these in my comfy @fashionnova leggings 🔥(code teaganfit) . . Wanna build a booty and lean out❓Check out my $15 Glute 🍑Guide that includes my top diet&training tips + 6 week training plan of different workouts to build a booty! Custom plans also available ➡️ on my website in my bio! . Powered by: @1upnutrition @body_fuel @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️TEAGANFIT #1upnutrition #ieatprotein #novababe #fashionnova . Filmed🎥 by: @njegosphotos
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    Embrace what makes you unique, and never be afraid to stand out. There is only one you in this world and that is your power; own it.
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    On a mission 😈 . Time to do some fasted cardio, took some @1upnutrition L-carnitine to help me maximize fat burn and reach my goals (discount code➡️teaganfit). Also love my @6packbags meal prep bag which helps me stay on track of my diet in style whenever I am on the go 👌🏽#team6pack #6packfitness #leadthepack #6packbags #noexcuses #1upnutrition
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    Wanna lose weight/gain muscle❓ Tag a friend ➡️to share these tips because diet is 🔑Here are things that help me: . ~🔹Meal prep/ plan your meals (order from ➡️@body_fuel fits your macros for you and saves you time) ~🔸Do not be overly restrictive. Eat in moderation and have control ~🔹Base your diet off macros so you can eat what you like& reach your goals ~🔸Eat volume meals + Whole Foods most of the time to make you satisfied ~🔹Don't waste your calories on foods you don't like ~🔸Drink lots of water💦 ! ~🔹Time ⏱your meals properly . . @body_fuel provides amazing tasting meals to for affordable prices so you can stay on track no matter how busy your schedule is⌛️One of my favorites from them are the PB Powerballs which have great macros and taste like cookie dough😋 perfect for quick post workout snack❗️Get your meals with a discount using code➡️teaganfit👌🏽 . . Shot by📸 @njegos_photos
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    Booty🍑, legs & upper back👉🏽Tag a friend to share this workout you can do at home, hotel, anywhere! Inexpensive resistance bands can be used as an alternative to cables 🔥! . 💥Stiff leg deadlift 💥Sumo squat/deadlift combo 💥Low pulley face pulls . Need help with diet and/or training❓Check out my custom plans and my $15 Glute 🍑Guide/ 6-week Training Program on my website in my bio! . Powered by: @1upnutrition @body_fuel @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️TEAGANFIT #1upnutrition #ieatprotein . Filmed🎥 by: @njegos_photos
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    Each day is another chance to move forward and let go of things that hold us back. We all experience setbacks, but instead of letting it weigh you down, take action and make changes to help you back on track and feel great . . Shot📸 by:Njegos_photos
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    Tag a friend who loves booty and wants to improve their own🍑 try these on your next leg day to burn out the glutes🔥! . 💥Goodmorning to squat . 💥Monster walks . 💥Pliè squats . I ❤ my @fashionnova leggings 😍get yours with discount code➡️teaganfit #fashionnova #novababe . Filmed🎥 the beautiful: 🔥@carolinefederman 🔥 . Need help with diet and/or training? Check out my custom coaching plans and my $15 Glute 🍑Guide/ 6-week Training Program➡️link in my bio! . Powered by: @1upnutrition @body_fuel @ieatprotein 💪🏽discount code➡️TEAGANFIT #1upnutrition #ieatprotein