sarah lays


eu amo mesmo é o got7, você eu só aturo.

  • 10 days ago
    you just let them drown, cry baby, cry baby you're all on your own and you lost all your friends you told yourself that it's not you, it's them you're one of a kind that no one understands
  • 12 days ago
    we know that you are happy right now that you're slaying right now you have all what you deserve and we are so damn proud. God, thank you so much! for giving us the chance to tell you that we're here for you and this will never change you saved us, u know? and that's why we are here. we're gonna stay with you forever, until the end we swear that we're not going anywhere yeah we're not going anywhere we know the road can be so tough, but with holding hands together we will take a nice deep breath and we'll be counting hana dul ses, hana dul ses when your shoulders get full of weight we will take it all away, it is gonna be ok, you gave us hope we'll give it back to you when night is rough and cold. Thank you for everything We love you. #700dayswithmonstax
  • 13 days ago
    i like ur smile that's brighter than the stars
  • 14 days ago
    everyone thinks that we're perfect please, don't let them look through the curtains.
  • 15 days ago
    if you want a little more confidence, potatoes turn to french fries, yeah, it's common sense all you need's a couple more condiments and a hundred thousand dollars for some compliments, it's such a waste when little girls grow into their mothers face but little girls are learning how to cut and paste and pucker up their lips until they suffocate, kids forever, kids forever baby soft skin turns into leather don't be dramatic, it's only some plastic no one will love you if you're unattractive. Oh, Mrs. potato head, tell me is it true that pain is beauty? does a new face come with a warranty? will a pretty face make it better?
  • 20 days ago
    you don't have to say i love you to say i love you
  • 21 days ago
    how much longer do I have to wait? how many more nights will you have to stay awake until I can see you?
  • 21 days ago
    I'm fine. Thank you for NOT asking
  • 23 days ago
    memories are playing in my dull mind i hate this part paper hearts and i'll hold a piece of yours don't think i would just forget about it hoping that you won't forget
  • 28 days ago
    eu queria voltar a acreditar que as coisas voltarão a ser bonitas e que o mundo será novamente cheio de balões e flores como foi aos 15. mas eu não tenho mais 15 anos, daqui 14, terei o dobro disso e é o suficiente pra saber que até lá extinguirão as flores, e não fabricarão mais os balões. não que o futuro assuste, é que tudo desanda enquanto a gente assiste. e o cenário é pavoroso, e nos melhor dos cenários nosso futuro é, pelo menos, horroroso.
  • about 2 months ago
    Vejo fotos tão bonitas em momentos tão leves e penso “quero ter uma vida assim.” Com suas paisagens lindas, suas mochilas novas e seus bottoms descolados. Eu nunca tive isso. Eu quero ser assim. Porque meu jeans é pesado meu sono é pouco e eu nunca tive óculos de sol porque sou míope e óculos de sol com grau são caros. Mas me lembro que a leveza é a gente quem faz. Que nas fotos meus momentos também são assim, mas na vida real minha mochila velha pesa, meu all-star aquém da minha idade machuca meus pés, e o calor me tira qualquer possibilidade de leveza interna. Então contento-me. Ser leve não é pra mim. Me arrasto em passos pesados até um dia, quem sabe, abandonar meus pés, e ter asas pra me puchar. O que é um passo pesado pra quem sonha levantar voo? - de um autor que eu admiro muito, João.
  • about 2 months ago
    -his smile is so beautiful i wanna cry- that's kind of crazy because i already loved you a lot when i started stanning you during no mercy. but it seems like my love for you will never stop growing. i hate being so cheesy but i can't help it 🙄 i have never regretted stanning you and how could it be otherwise? you are one of the purest & most beautiful human beings inside and out. you are so special to me. i know that a lot of people like you because of your sexiness or your body but i want you to know that that's not your only strength, so stop saying that. even though you're one of the most handsome persons i have ever seen - you are more than that, you are so much more than your body and your beautiful face and i hope you will realize that someday. your fans cherish you for your wonderful voice, hardworking personality and especially your beautiful soul. there are so many things that i, and other monbebes love about you, but one of the things that i love the most about you is how you love the people around you and care for them. you make every single of us monbebes feel like a queen/king. i don't understand how there can be so much love in one person, the world doesn't deserve you :') honestly i feel blessed to live at the same time as someone lovely as you. you inspire people to work for their dreams and i think that if there would be more people like you, the world would be a better place. i'm just so thankful that i got to know such a wonderful person like you. you deserve all the love and happiness in this world. i hope you will always be happy as much as you make us monbebes happy. thank you for being who you are. i love you so much ♡ #HappyBirthdayShinHoseok #몬스타엑스