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    Beef Bourguignon is my favorite dish to make for people I love. If I’m making this for you odds are you’re in good with me. It’s concentrated and complex love in a pot. But it’s easy to make. But it takes time so I like to make a large batch and freeze leftovers. My version doesn’t have root veg like Julia child’s, tho you can add it I suppose. I like it to be about the marriage of meat and wine, pure. Veg also takes away salt and flavor from meat which I don’t want, I just want few aromatics to enhance the wine reduction. Make this-you will want more. Beef Bourguignon ***Ingredients*** 5-6lb brisket cut into about 2X4” chunks 4tbsp cornstarch (30carbs for whole batch) 4tbsp vegetable oil, plus extra for frying 2large onion, finely minced 1cup Port Wine(Don’t skip this) 2 bottle full bodied red wine(Cab,Bordeaux) 2 whole garlic bulbs 1 whole celery stick cut into 4pcs 2 small carrots cut into 4pcs 2 bay leaf Few sprigs thyme Few sprigs flat leaf parsley 2 Knorr Rich Beef Stock Pot or 2tbsp concentrated broth flavoring 6 unsmoked bacon ***Directions*** You need a Nonstick pan w sides high enough to hold 2bottles wine, and a large heavy crockpot. 1)Cut meat to 2x4 chunks, cracked pepper all over, dust all sides w cornstarch (I use a mesh colander), cook in med/high heat pan w little oil cook til crusty brown all sides(do in batches not to crowd the meat), transfer into crockpot. 2)Mince onion finely(will disintegrate into sauce), caramelize in same pan until sweet, scraping meat drippings. Split garlic in half across cloves, add to pan faces down. Add port, stock concentrate, wine. Tightly tie up w twine into bundle:thyme, bay, parsley-and add. Add pieces of celery and carrots. Cook down the wine to reduce down a third of it. Throw away celery and carrot. Pour into crockpot, float bacon on top, close lid and into oven for 3-3.5hrs at 300.
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    Nu är det soffläge... för imorgonbitti det styrka på gymmet som gäller!! 😁
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    Eftersom jag missade att ta kort på dagens mat(hamburgare i salladsblad med sockerfri ketchup, cheddarost och coleslaw( såååå gott!!!) så får ni en bild på gårdagens mat, köttbullar med fiberhusk och blomkålsmos... till och med barnen åt... 😁👍🏻
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    Conoce su importancia 😊
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    THIS is my guy. He is my greatest support and my greatest source of laughter! It’s so important to have both, especially if you are in a healing process. I’m blessed to have you in my life @captaincorbinjack! • • #aip #autoimmune #paleo #autoimmunepaleo #loveyourbody #organic #nutrition #glutenfree #grainfree #heal #health #wellness #raynauds #lymedisease #hashimotos #thyroid #loveyourbody #nutritionaltherapy #support #joy #support #boyfriend #husband
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    Today’s Dinner - I made some #fricassee with #chicken, #greenpeas and #mushrooms. It is relatively much work to prepare a fricassee #glutenfree but it was so worth it. I served it with some #basmatirise from @reishunger. You can really taste the difference in that rice compared to “normal” basmati rice from the supermarket. #goodfood #foodinspiration #dinner #lifeisbeautiful #thyroid #thyroiddiet #thyroidhealth #thyroidfunction #thyroidcondition #hashimoto #hashimotosdisease #hashimotothyreoiditis #healthy #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #glutenfree #sugarfree #soulfood #soyfree #rice #reishunger #healthyrecipes #healthydiet
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    The importance of taking high quality probiotics is so imperative to our overall health and wellness. I highly recommend trying out @organic_olivia Not Your Average Probiotics (she’s having a Black Friday sale today- check the deals out on her website, using code BLACKFRIDAY20). Kristian and I have been taking these probiotics for some time now, and WOW. Our bodies love them! Personally- I’ve had such positive effects in my digestive and eliminate tracts. I dealt hugely with fear, anxiety and stress disorders in my life- from childhood up until pretty recently. Combine that with years of early adolescence on antibiotics (for acne- BEFORE we had the knowledge of the damage it was doing to my body)- and you get a pretty messed up gut/immune system. It’s taken years of healing to get my body back into a balance, and these probiotics are helping so much. Thanks Olivia! ❤️ Now you guys go get some gut healing probiotics and see the positive effects for yourselves. (Also check out her write-ups about parasite cleansing. That was a MAJOR key in my healing and those products, along with other excellent health & healing products are also on sale with her code.) Happy Friday! #cheerstoyourhealth #blackfriday #greenfriday #sale #investinyourself #investinyourhealth #probiotics #prebiotics #digestiveenzymes #parasitecleanse #parasitecleansing #thyroid #gut #immunesystem #digestivesystem
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    Coming Sunday! Search for “The Keto Podcast” on iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Casts, or listen on ⠀ ⠀ With @thrivemkt @paleovalley @perfectketones⠀ ⠀ #womenhealth #bodypositivity #ketogenic #keto #lowcarb #paleo #weightloss #glutenfree #paleo #fatfueled #healthfulpursuit #lowcarbpaleo #theketodiet #thyroid #hypothyroid #gravesdisease
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    мιracle мornιng. . нave yoυ read ιт? do yoυ pracтιce ιт? . I’m ready to implement this! Waking up one hour earlier than you normally do to take time for YOURseLf & set up the rest of the day for success with a positive attitude! . You develop a positive attitude through the morning accomplishment for yourself! . Hal Elrod describes his Miracle Morning formula using an acronym, Life S.A.V.E.R.S. . S for Scribing (journaling) A for Affirmation V for Visualization E for Exercise R for Reading S for Silence or Meditation . Would you like to try this with me? Join me in my private FB Community for support & ideas! . I’d love to make new friends! Click on the link in my linktree for Healthy Hashi Moms Community & I’ll see you there!!! 🙋🏻 . . . #hashimotos #hashimotosdisease #hashimotoswarrior #hypothyroidism #autoimmunedisease #thyroid #glutenfree #autoimmune #wellness #weightloss #health #workout #weightlossjourney #runner #ketodiet #fitness #keto #running #foodismedicine #chronicillness #autoimmunepaleo #aip #runningcommunity #run4fun #run #paleo #hashimotosmom #hypothyroidmom #bostonterrierlife #miraclemorning
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    Thank you all for the amazing support and for helping me on my mission to restore people's health naturally and to protect our rights to choose how we care for ourselves and our loved ones. This has been an incredible year with amazing transformation stories. I will continue to bring you unique powerful healing information and inspiring energy. Together we will bring down big pharma one healing at a time 😁😁 Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend 😁 🦃🦃🦃
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    Sick as a dog but ready to tackle the 72 (!!) patients scheduled for thyroid clinic this morning! #workworkwork
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    If you’re suffering from memory loss, brain fog, daily fatigue, insomnia, chronic stress...that’s NOT normal and may be a sign of adrenal disfunction.😱 . . . Through midnight Saturday, save 30% and start feeling better day 1, because you’ve got too much to do to feel this crummy! 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . Practical help, recipes, tips, easy explanation of what’s happening, and PDF slides to print and keep and I guide you through every step! . . . Was $49, sale price $34. Go to 👉 and click the Adrenal Support tab at the top! #lisaloufitness #adrenalfatigue #imworthit
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    Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery In dubai The best oncology team in ❤️of Dubai with state of the art facility and techniques served the whole of Dubai and UAE, GCC,MENA, for all subspecialties of oncology including surgical, medical and radiation We are here for you, and proud to serve you Cancer care in style, Alzahra Cancer Center #sadiralrawi #dubai #cancer #oncology #bestcenter #healthcare #breast #thyroid #lung #colorectal #sarcoma #melanoma #parathyroid #liver #pancreas😄
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    A tireoide produz hormônio essenciais para o bom funcionamento do corpo. . Você sabe como está sua tireoide? #tireoide #thyroid
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    Early signs of #diabetes
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    Pewnie jesteście w szale piątkowych zakupów, ale mam nadzieje, że znajdziecie chwilkę na przeczytanie postu 🙈😎. Dzisiejszy post poświęcę chorobom tarczycy, a w zasadzie niedoczynności. Gdybym została lekarzem, to chciałabym być endokrynologiem, ale że zostanę "tylko" dentystą 😂 to najbliższy kontakt z tarczycą, będę miała poprzez atlas anatomiczny. A szkoda, bo ten bardzo ważny gruczoł, jest nam niezbędny do życia. Tarczyca wytwarza hormony T3 i T4, które wpływają na metabolizm organizmu oraz gospodarkę wapniowo-fosforanową. Sama choruje na niedoczynność tarczycy od 6 roku życia, i wierzcie mi - nie jest to nic przyjemnego. Najgorsze, że nie tak łatwo wykryć nieprawidłowości, nic nie boli, nic nie stuka. Niepokojącym objawem może być fakt, że jest się ciagle zmęczonym, ale kto nie jest w tych czasach 🤦🏽‍♀️? Najczęstsze objawy NT to: 🙃 osłabienie, zwiekszona masa ciała, senność, oraz zmniejszenie tolerancji na wysiłek ( związane z zwolnionym metabolizmem) 🙃wypadające, łamliwe włosy oraz przesuszona skóra - objaw brudnych kolan i łokci 🙃pogorszenie koncentracji, zaburzenia pamięci, a NAWET stany depresyjne 🙃pojawienie się chrypki, oraz zwolniona akcja serca ( bradykardia) 🙃 zaburzenia miesiączkowania u kobiet, bardziej obfite i krótsze. Jak widzicie objawy, można pomylić ze zwykłym przesileniem zimowym, ale jeżeli kilka z wymienionych przeze mnie objawów się u was pojawia, to warto udać się do 👩🏾‍⚕️endokrynologa, i zrobić badanie krwi, aby sprawdzić stężenie hormony TSH, pozwalające na wykrycie chorób tarczycy. Pamiętajcie, żadnej choroby nie można lekceważyć. Pamietam jak myślałam, że nie mam już problemów z tarczycą i przestałam brać przepisane mi leki 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ zasypiałam na zajęciach, mimo że spałam po 10h. 😴😴😴 Badamy się kochani 💕 jeżeli coś nas niepokoi, czy źle się czujemy, nie ma co czekać na cudowne uzdrowienie. Do lekarza, marsz 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Życzę wam miłego weekendu, i wielu black friday'owych łupów 💕💕💕 #blackfriday #studygram #polishgirl #autumn #sweaterweather #november #chill #dentist #futuredentist #medicine #thyroid #thyroidproblems #happy #study #bookstagram #stabilo #princess #pandora #flowers #pink